Why now is a good time to discuss KPIs: “Be Relevant”


For many companies, like here at SAP, October is the pressure-filled time to set projections for next year.  These targets must be gauged and translated into performance metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  So, since a lot of us are involved in this activity, let me share a few pragmatic tips that may help you approach KPIs from a fresh perspective without going into detailed theory.

For performance metrics to best help us monitor and steer our organization,  they must have two fundamental features: Continue reading


The Democratization of Data

While digital data is practically doubling every two years (according to IDC figures), only a small percentage (1 to 5%) of the data available from a single company is actually being leveraged to better manage the business.

big data words

Reasons?   Continue reading

Welcome to Simple Strategies & Management

After 18 years of dealing with the complexities of devising effective Strategies & Management every day, I have decided to launch this blog because I want to share the thoughts, trends and ideas that catch my curiosity and will also interest you.

“Simple Strategies and Management” is more than a blog title, it’s my frame for work and life. Keep things simple, readable, and understandable.


German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer notably wrote, “In every art simplicity is essential.” And management is no different. Continue reading