KPIs are like jokes: if you have to explain them, they’re not good

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What is the ultimate scope of KPIs? It is to simply translate your strategic intent into measurable goals and to air all the required resources to them – with laser-focus.

In my previous post, we talked about the number one fundamental feature of your KPIs: that they must be relevant. They have to provide the information you need to steer the business – when you need it.

But to accomplish to that, relevancy is not enough.

That brings me to the second fundamental feature you must have. Your KPIs have to be communicative.  Continue reading


Why now is a good time to discuss KPIs: “Be Relevant”


For many companies, like here at SAP, October is the pressure-filled time to set projections for next year.  These targets must be gauged and translated into performance metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  So, since a lot of us are involved in this activity, let me share a few pragmatic tips that may help you approach KPIs from a fresh perspective without going into detailed theory.

For performance metrics to best help us monitor and steer our organization,  they must have two fundamental features: Continue reading