Welcome to Simple Strategies & Management

After 18 years of dealing with the complexities of devising effective Strategies & Management every day, I have decided to launch this blog because I want to share the thoughts, trends and ideas that catch my curiosity and will also interest you.

“Simple Strategies and Management” is more than a blog title, it’s my frame for work and life. Keep things simple, readable, and understandable.


German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer notably wrote, “In every art simplicity is essential.” And management is no different. I start from this fundamental consideration: Any business can be run more simply. There are always some general and recurrent work-flow paths, so the recipe for success is to capture them, use them, and tailor them, enough-but-not-too-much, to fit special cases. The rest, of course, is made up of passion, dedication and hard work on execution.

This became my firm belief several years ago after one of my management consulting experiences.  I was with a multi-national chemical company and we were striving to deploy a new strong growth strategy.  But were constantly being faced with objections from the international branches claiming, “We are different, here”, “This is not applicable to us…”, or ”You need to understand our Country’s culture..”  But we overcame those objections by stripping down our strategic framework to its barest essentials and re-framing the discussion.  We helped our branches narrow their focus to few small points. “Ok, let’s talk about this, on just the small portion the strategy applies to….”. This was a breakthrough.  Those same people ended up saying, “Yes, clearly we can grow there!” By simplifying and reframing the strategies, we were ultimately able to grow five percent above our projected target!

I love reading things that provoke me to think in an entertaining way. But I am busy and I cannot dedicate too much time and I must be able to read on the go. I think a lot of us are like that these days.  So, I commit to you to keep my blogs short and crisp.  Take two minutes, and you’re on your way!

I can’t do anything in my life without fun. For me, it is fun to think about “how to get more” from business in a positive way, and it is especially fun to share my ideas with others to mutually learn and get inspired.  I hope you will be entertained, stimulated and find my considerations fun and useful for better executing your daily job wherever you are.

Copyright 2014 Andrea Masci.  All Rights Reserved.


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